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Hot Chocolate (dairy-free)

Hot Chocolate is one of my favourite, feel-good, warm-me-up beverages ever to be poured into a mug.
Unfortunately, this sacred drink has lost much of its health benefits in our sugar-addicted Western world. Fake-food joints have taken what could be a nourishing hug-in-a-mug & turned it into an addictive, nutrient-depleting, sugar coma waiting to happen.
But it doesn’t have to be this way...
You’re about to discover how simple it is to make your own nourishing cup of Hot Chocolate at home.
What you'll need: 
- kettle or saucepan
- whisk or vented blender*
- 2 of your cutest mugs
- tablespoon


1-2 cups nut juice (or other plant-based milk)
1-2 cups filtered water
3 TBSP cacao/cocoa powder
2 TBSP raw honey (+/- to taste)
dash ground cinnamon
optional: turmeric, ginger, chili
optional: Dutch Chocolate or French Vanilla Complete shake mix

: if using fresh ginger, you can grate the ginger before hand, steep in hot water & use that in your hot cocoa, or, you can add a chunk of ginger to the blender; blend (let steep for a few minutes) & strain to serve.

Meg's Methods

Option 1: Boiled water method
1. In blender container with vented lid*, add ~1 cup coconut milk, cacao powder, raw honey, cinnamon, (+ optional: spices &/or Dutch Chocolate or French Vanilla Complete shake mix).
2. Fill your favourite mugs 2/3 full with freshly boiled filtered water.
3. Pour water from mugs over other ingredients, then blend gently (or whisk well) until smooth.

*VERY IMPORTANT: when blending hot liquids, the container must be vented so air can escape! WARNING: Blending hot liquids in closed containers can be highly explosive & may cause severe burns!

4. Once blended, pour into your favourite mugs. Enjoy warm.


Option 2: Stove top method (creamy version)
1. Fill your favourite mugs 3/4 full with desired plant-based milk (to measure).
2. In a blender container or directly in a small saucepan, add milk from mugs, cacao powder, raw honey, cinnamon, (+ optional: spices &/or Dutch Chocolate or French Vanilla Complete shake mix), then blend or whisk until smooth.
3. In the small saucepan, slowly warm cacao mixture over low-medium heat, stirring frequently, until desired temperature is reached.
4. Pour into your favourite mugs. Enjoy warm.


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