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Grain-free Apple Porridge

Definitely not your standard bowl of pre-packaged oatmeal…
This warm apple grain-free porridge tastes divine, super easy to make – and smells just like my grandma’s kitchen. <3
The Goods (serves 2-3)
2 apples, grated
6 TBSP chia seeds + 1 c water
6 TBSP hemp hearts
1-2 tsp cinnamon
*Optional: add some crunch with a handful of pistachios, almonds, cacao nibs or anything else your heart desires
Raw honey or date paste, to taste
Coconut/hemp milk
Meg's Method
Grate apples into a medium-sized pot & warm over low-med heat.
Add chia seeds & water – if you don’t want to make this much, use 3:1 ratio (i.e. you’ll will need 6 Tbsp of water for 2 TBsp chia)
NOTE: this step can be done ahead of time – or – use boiled water if you’re in a hurry for a warm meal
Add hemp hearts and cinnamon – stir until well combined & allow to gel.
Stir in crunchy bits* if you’d like.
Drizzle with raw honey and top with coconut milk

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