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For the love of coffee...

I love coffee!

Not necessarily for the caffeine (although that helps), I love coffee for the flavours and I take my coffee very seriously. #CoffeeSnob

Whether you want to impress company or just have a decadent cup all to yourself, I’ll share my secrets to making a great cup of coffee.

FYI - Quality is key. Coffee beans can contain beneficial (& delicate) oils, so to avoid rancid coffee, it’s important to look for fresh & locally roasted (Organic, Fair Trade) beans whenever possible.

Hot Coffee:

1. Add filtered water to the kettle and turn it on (or, on the stove, add water to a saucepan and cover; turn on high then remove from heat when boiling).

2. Meanwhile, pulse coffee beans in the grinder until you have a coarse grind (very important), then add coarsely ground beans to the French press (3 - 4 TBSP/cup or follow directions on coffee bag).

3. Pour freshly boiled, filtered water over the coarsely ground coffee in the French press; stir gently & cover (leave the plunger at the top for now).

4. Steep your beans anywhere from 5 - 15 mins, depending on how strong you like your coffee.

5. When you’re ready, slowly and evenly press plunger down.

6. Pour pressed coffee into your favourite mug. Add cream & honey, if desired. Enjoy at any temperature you like.

Cold Brew:

1. Pulse coffee beans in the grinder until you have a coarse grind.

2. Add coarsely ground beans into French press, or other coverable container (if you’d like an ice cold bevy, without watering it down, add enough beans for double strength coffee: 6 - 8 TBSP/cup or follow directions on coffee bag)

3. Pour cool/room temperature filtered water over the coffee grounds, stir gently and cover. Steep at room temp for 24 hrs.

4. After 24 hours, strain coffee beans (use French press, or mesh strainer, do NOT strain through paper filter).

5. Pour your double-strength Cold Brew over a full glass of ice. Add cream & honey, if desired. Enjoy.


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