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Book Cover: Meg's Sweet Treats Recipe Guide - simple feel-good recipes for the whole family.

Treat yourself!

You CAN eat dessert while living a healthy lifestyle and I can show you how to make delicious (& healthy) desserts at home.

Meg’s Sweet Treats Recipe Guide is loaded with nutritious & delicious desserts that are easy to make and fun to eat. 

"Why count calories when you can make calories count.”

- Megan Dillabough

Every recipe in the guide is: 
  • easy to make.
  • made with natural ingredients (aka real food).
  • suitable for paleo, vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, peanut-free and general healthy diets. 

Note: it's not necessary to suffer from allergies & food intolerances to enjoy these tasty treats, everybody benefits when we eat natural, whole foods.

chocolate sauce dripping from whisk into bowl
nut butter cups
raspberry coconut lime tart on leaf plate
hand reaching for brownie cookie
not-your-grandmas apple pie
frozen fuel (chocolate n'ice cream)
mouth-watering milkshakes
carrot cake decorated with pecans

Inside the Guide, you'll find:

  • dozens of delicious desserts made with real food.
  • kitchen tools are explained and a shopping list is provided.
  • convenient chart of kitchen conversions.
  • detailed information about the ingredients used in this book, as well as additional resources.
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Julie B.

Meg really cares about what goes into everything she creates and about the people she is creating for!

Vanessa G.

Oh. My. Gawd! The cookies are DELICIOUS!! Love love love them. Like seriously delicious!

Rich W.

How are these vegan, I don't understand...I'm obsessed with these brownies!

Treat yourself!

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Why count calories when you can make calories count!?

Cupped hands holding classic carrot cake muffins with coconut vanilla icing topped with a toasted pecan


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Make calories count.

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