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My name is Megan Elizabeth, but you can call me Meg if you like.

- former Pharmaceutical Chemist, self-proclaimed stress junkie, gym rat & hard-core sugar addict turned Registered Holistic Nutritionist, strength & mobility coach, T'ai Chi & Yoga teacher (see also: munchie maker, garden grower, dog lover, bookworm, tree hugger, truth seeker, travel junkie, food snob, star gazer, sun chaser, furbaby mama, mountain goat & intentional being).
In a nutshell…
I’m a country girl who’s infinitely curious about the human form, the power of breath, Mother Earth & all things chocolate; I’m on an epic quest to re-define Health-Care by empowering YOU to nourish your body, feed your soul & Fuel Your Intention!

  1. ‘food’ is my second favourite F-word…
  2. I  l o v e  to bake (& have been doing so since I could properly hold a spoon). check out my Sweet Treats Recipe Guide here
  3. I’ve moved 37 times over 37 years (& I'm not even in the military).
  4. Born & raised country girl turned “cit-idiot” (thanks dad)
  5. Video games are my vices (Bonus Fun Fact: SNES was the best gaming system ever created – hands down).
  6. I’m lazy efficient – work smart, play hard, rest easy.

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